Khoukaz Family

You found us!

And we're glad you did…

Families tend to get geographically separated, leading to loss of communiation within few generations down the line. We aim to keep the connection between members alive: let's at least know who's out there and where. This is an ongoing project aiming to trace back and join members of the Khoukaz family.

Through this website you'll be able to read about the History of the family as told by its members, explore the family tree and see where you fit in it, check the family's photo album and also get access to some cool services developped with you in mind! But above all you'll be able to contribute to the family's History and photoalbum, for which future visitors will be deeply grateful!

Please enjoy this website as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Khoukaz visitors are encouraged to become members of the site and invite anyone we couldn't outreach: We rely on you to keep enriching this website.

Lean back and enjoy, you've reached the virtual Home of the Khoukazes