Family History

The information shared by contributors might be contradicting, it's OK: stories often get forgotten with time. Once enough stories have been shared we'll try to merge them all into one coherent final edition…

Contribution by: Hekmat Khoukaz

As I recall, I was told the family originated in Greece, then part of it moved to Turkey and was called "Luke's Family", Luke being one of the elderly of the family. Due to Armenian presence in the area where the family was, "Luke" started being pronounced differently becoming "Lukas" then "Khoukas/Khoukaz". Finally this part moved to the Syrian/Lebanese area and got split between the 2 countries. Some members got married and lived abroad, mainly in the USA.


Contribution by: Jason Koukas

I come from Greece but my family name hasn't originated from Luke. It was after a 'nickname' because 3-4 generations earlier they cropped broad beans (called koukia in greek).


Contribution by: blank



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